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We're a specialty company that uses the ''soft-washing'' technique to provide a safe but effective way to clean the outside of a property/roof. We service all areas in greater Birmingham. We offer residential pressure washing that includes driveways, homes, roofs and any exterior structure that would need cleaning. We also offer commercial cleaning, large buildings, garages, etc.


Driveway Cleaning In Homewood, AL. This home owner just moved in and requested the stains to be removed. We utilized our solution to penetrate deep into the concrete and then used a surface cleaner to remove the mold, mildew and grime from everyday use. Customer was extremely happy!
Housewash in Vestavia Hills, AL. All of the mold and algae was removed and then a gentle rinse was applied. Looks brand new!
Driveway Cleaning in Chelsea, AL. I think the before and after pictures do this justice! We also used a pre and post treatment to make sure any of the living mildew and algae would be dead and would not come back!
Stairs in Mt. Laurel, AL! This customer was listing the property and wanted some curb appeal. Due to the age of the concrete and the railings we decided to use our soft wash method which utilizes a low pressure rinse after the solution sets on the surface. Tell us what you think?
Driveway and Brick Wall in Hoover, AL. Look at the before and after on this one! You have to be careful when cleaning brick so we utilized out soft washing technique again to make sure the customers property is not damaged.
Commercial Building in Chelsea, AL. Our solution removed all of the nasty mold, mildew and algae and revitalized this company's building!

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