Business Telephones, Inc. - BTI
Job Description
Business Telephones Incorporated is seeking a dynamic personality that has the ability to multi-task, has a great phone personality and likes to coordinates different activities.  The ideal candidate would have the ability to

1. Cheerful with a pleasant phone voice.
2.   Easy going - not easily ruffled or frustrated by change
3.   Patient and willing to learn new things.
4.   Answer phones- screen calls
5.   Able to multi task- answer phone, text, type on computer, check customer records.
6.  Able to work in a constantly changing environment.
7.   Not easily offended by people- if customers want us there when they think instead of when we are actually scheduled.
8.   Understand IT/Telephone nomenclature.                                
9.   Know Excel/Word and other databases.                                   
10.   Be able to dispatch the techs and route them appropriately- understanding what is and is not an emergency.  (Will Train)
11. Put dispatch orders on the board/keep track of orders/type into Tiger Paw database for inventory and billing purposes.  (Will train).
12. Handle all shipping and receiving both incoming and outgoing.  Be able to lift 50 lbs.
13. Place some orders for equipment and parts. (Will train).
14. Handle carrier requests, troubleshooting and portal entry. (Will train).
15. Handle collections.
16. Must be willing to work each day from 8-5 with one hour for lunch.
17. Likes cats!!!  We have 1 cat.
18. Willing to do extra duties as needed or required.
Hourly wage based on experience.  Vacation, personal time, sick time provided along with insurance availability.  Please email resume to
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